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2016-12-08 22:14:03 ec15ec6b62ac69f5738cc4f39be77550af925756b9e84559b91e940ef132c7b6 0.99 Active
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2016-12-08 22:14:03 ec15ec6b62ac69f5738cc4f39be77550af925756b9e84559b91e940ef132c7b6 0.02 Active
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2016-12-08 22:14:05 1ETLw57G6EsRzhL7qUycQNkdAY45ceeQyC 0.05
Time wallet Amount
2016-12-08 22:11:09 1HymNQeFqRddxmkpEhhrB68Qn35mhuMDpq 0.1
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At BannerBits everything is automated. We are using fast and reliable VPS Cloud Hosting so our server can handle everything, so there are no delays in our system.

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Yes, we are using a strong DDoS Protection. Global CDN Acceleration. Web Application Firewall + Certified SSL certificate for secure connection to our website.

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Banner advertising is almost everywhere but here at bannerbits.com your banner earn every hour. Backed with mining and trading that make us different.
At BannerBits you don't have to make contracts or pledge your property. There are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is actualy real simple: Upto 7% daily or 0.291% hourly .
First Step: Choose the amount to double and provide your personal wallet to receive earned profit.
Sencond Step: Deposit any amount (min 0.001 BTC) to the unique generated deposit address.
Third Step:Start promoting your referral link, then start receiving profit with no further effort.
No, we do no charge any fee for our services or use of BannerBits webisite.
Yes, we are using a strong 5 Gbps DDoS Protection with 99% up-time guarantee. Complex Layer 7 Protection. Global CDN Acceleration. Global Protected DNS. Web Application Firewall + Certified Domain SSL certificate for secure connection to our website.
We accept crypto-currency Bitcoin only, because this is the best way to avoid high transaction costs, allowing small investors to participate.
You will recieve an email about the ocnfirmation of your payment. Contact our customer support if your transaction has at least 3 confirmations, and it is still missing on our platform.
Yes, there are no limitations. You can generate as many deposit addresses as you wish, by simply providing another payout address.
The payout is fully automated and instant and usually takes around 1 to 60 seconds but no longer than 15 minutes.
If you have any problems or further questions, you are most welcome to contact us using our friendly customer center or email us directly at support@bannerbits.com
Any amount less than 0.001 btc will be considered as donation, and will not reflect as a valid deposit!